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You don’t have to scold for getting an expensive loan from the bank

There are several interest rates in the economy, Bankmonitor shows which affects the interest rates on bank deposits and loans. The “basic interest rate” fetishized in public belief has less significance than the minimum in Hungary today. Just to prove it, the base rate has been 0.9% for years, while the BUBOR (later on in Read More

Are home loans expensive or very expensive in Hungary?

You may wonder why the premium is higher than fixed rate products. The main difference between fixed and floating rate loans is that while in the case of floating rate products the future interest rate risk is borne by the customer, while in the case of over one year fixation, the bank bears. It is Read More

Do discount and Bankcard use improve our financial decisions?

Why is it that it’s easier and much more to pay by credit card? Why is it that we are spending a lot more money on a discount than we think we are saving? Why do we make irrational financial decisions? Because in our decisions about our finances, we listen to our hearts rather than Read More

Critics of Baby Waiting Credit

We’re so interesting, we humans. There is a good opportunity, and yet we find the bad in it. There’s nothing we can do about it, that’s what we are. So let us now look at the Baby Waiting Credit and be critical. Let’s see what’s wrong with it!   Have a baby! Many people are Read More

Loan money as needed – do you need a car loan or consumer loan?

Need a car loan or consumer loan but are unsure where to find it cheap? The last question here can be answered quickly: We recommend that you click through to Realfinans pages. More about your borrowing opportunities here Maybe you just need some air in your budget? Maybe you fell in love with a beautiful Read More

Teach you to save your child

The goal of financial education for children is to recognize that money is a means to achieve some goals, money is never an end in itself. In most adult Financial Education programs, the first lesson is usually the budget. Adults have limited income (our salary, income from our business) and unavoidable expenses (food, housing, education, Read More